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Trusting the process. Listening to the spirit.

Hi and welcome!
My name is Carol.

I write from a visionary perspective about a theology of time, a common spiritual language, and an empowering organization of people.

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Perceiving a plan and
following a trajectory
of increasing light
as the human eye
peers into tomorrow.

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Theology and Scripture, Timekeeping Matters

Genesis 1: Blinded by the Light – Literally!

The priestly account of creation is pure literary brilliance—not because of what the text overtly reveals, but because of what it doesn’t overtly reveal. Who hasn’t seen a good movie that is intently captivating because of what the actors aren’t saying? Who hasn’t read an intriguing novel, that stuffs more information between the lines, than the lines actually tell?

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Faith and Spirituality, Theology and Scripture

Spiritual Purity and White Light

Is it possible to achieve spiritual purity? Some people think it is. For those who are trying to achieve it, I thought it might be helpful to discern the difference between white as a color, and white, as light. If we can’t appreciate the difference between color as pigment, and color as light, we could be in big trouble, spiritually speaking!

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Faith and Spirituality, General Topics

Intellect and Insight: A Recipe for Wisdom

I recently attended an interfaith discussion on the book of Genesis. As we know, the biblical characters in Genesis claimed to hear God’s voice—all the time! Genesis is filled with phrases such as, “Then God said,” or “God told so and so.” The same is true for the prophets! What are we to make of these biblical claims? Do we believe them? Do we trust them? Should we question and test these biblical claims? Yes, we should!

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Faith and Spirituality, Theology and Scripture

The Grand Canyon that Divides Us

I have a theory regarding the grand spiritual canyon that divides conservatives from liberals, and fundamentalists from progressives. Since I write today, for the church of tomorrow, I am compelled to understand this theological and social divide, especially as it manifests itself in North America. The church will forever consist of people who see our social issues from different perspectives. Conservatives conserve. Liberals liberate. That’s life!

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