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Trusting the process. Listening to the spirit.

Hi and welcome!
My name is Carol.

I write from a visionary perspective about a theology of time, a common spiritual language, and an empowering organization of people.

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Perceiving a plan and
following a trajectory
of increasing light
as the human eye
peers into tomorrow.

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Christianity Tomorrow, Organizing Efforts

How Would Jesus Organize the Church?

Of all the subjects taught by church leaders, organizing people for effective ministry is rarely one of them. Yet, we all know that a well-organized mission is key to its success. Furthermore, we know that people are not likely to participate in a mission that is not well-organized. So, what does the Bible say about organizing the church? Does the Bible contain any organizational teachings?

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Theology and Scripture, Timekeeping Matters

“My Hour” Part V

In this final blog of the series, I think it’s important to ask, “What did Jesus’ death and resurrection truly accomplish 2,000 years ago?” Do we know? Or, are we still figuring it out? At the present time, I believe we are just beginning to uncover the true nature, of Jesus’s overthrow, of a lesser spiritual government. I think we are only beginning to appreciate the deeper layers of deception, that Jesus knew all too well.Read more

Theology and Scripture, Timekeeping Matters

“My Hour” Part IV

Part IV of this series continues with Steps #3 and #4 of the scapegoating process. Remember that the process occurs over a passage of time. So the clock, that lives inside the human mind, plays a significant role in enabling an escalation of emotion. To continue looking at the process, I will follow the actions of Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel of John.Read more

Theology and Scripture, Timekeeping Matters

“My Hour” Part III

Part III, in the blog series, will demonstrate the first two steps in the scapegoating process. Remember, scapegoating requires the passage of time. The voice of temporal time, ever present in the human mind, plays a significant role in the process. It is a lesser spiritual government that manipulates the process by escalating emotional, psychological, and spiritual discomfort, as minutes, hours, days, or months pass by.Read more

Theology and Scripture, Timekeeping Matters

“My Hour” Part II

In Part II of this blog series, the Gospel of John, invites us to watch Jesus taunt the ancient serpent. He goads the devil that hides behind timekeeping images. He reveals the accusatory nature of its voice, diminishes its authority, and exposes the idolatrous worship of the lesser government. Jesus repeatedly provokes those who listened to its voice, elevated its authority, and worshiped the images where the satan hides.Read more

Theology and Scripture, Timekeeping Matters

When Jesus said, “My Hour” Part I

How did Jesus understand the spiritual interplay between the eternal and temporal realms of time? Was he able to make clear distinctions between the greater government of eternality, and the lesser government of the human clock? We cannot know for certain, yet John’s gospel suggests that he had full knowledge of both realms. Over and over again John tells us Jesus claimed a sense of ownership regarding time. Jesus said, “MY hour.”

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Faith and Spirituality, Theology and Scripture

A Personal Credo

What is your personal credo? Have you thought about creating a statement that defines who you are, what you believe, and how you see yourself interacting with the world? Many of us have been given such statements based on religious identity. Yet when people choose to shed the traditional creeds attached to denominational doctrine, or the beliefs associated with non-denominational movements, one’s tribal identity and credo is also shed.

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Christianity Tomorrow, General Topics

Is Church A Trigger Word?

The word, church, has become a 6-letter word that some people have chosen to hate. For many the word, church, is now associated with a fair measure of emotional, spiritual, and psychological trauma or abuse. They are no longer willing to remain quiet about the trauma they’ve experienced. This is as it should be. All forms of abuse must be brought into the light, as we consider the future of the Christian faith, and the purpose of the church.

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Christianity Tomorrow, General Topics

2019 New Year Thoughts

Every year I think to myself, “Will this be the year when hearts and minds awaken to a new image of the church universal?” I hope so, but reality suggests that this year will go by just like the ones before it. A lot of talk about the need for change, but no concrete steps taken, and no apparent interest in discussing the organizational vision Jesus first demonstrated, namely, The Way of human net making.

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Organizing Efforts, Theology and Scripture

Social Justice and 100 Sheep

Many faithful church goers are familiar with Jesus’ parable of the man who owns 100 sheep, and loses 1 of them. It is thought to be a lesson about the great lengths God, and by association, Christians, will go to bring 1 lost sheep back to the fold of church membership. This surface understanding often causes churchgoers to see themselves as the 99 good, faithful, obedient sheep who stay close to their owner.

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