Once Upon Unmeasured Time

The Story Behind the Story of Creation 

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This book is an introductory companion to

The Clock – A Timekeeping Tool for the Church of Tomorrow.

Also The Key – A Common Language for the Church of Tomorrow.


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Once Upon Unmeasured Time ponders the story of Genesis 1 and our spiritual connection with the Creation. The book is intended to be a study book for readers, ages 9 through 12. It could be the perfect book for Sunday School discussions, grades 4 through 6. It has 26 pages filled with cartoon drawings and colorful images of nature on wheels of light. 

Once Upon Unmeasured Time travels back to a time in human history when no one had a clock, no one had a calendar, and no one had a watch! The storyline follows the first timekeepers on their journey into measured time. The struggle to solve the timekeeping riddle provides a fascinating prequel to the story of Creation and the opening words of the Hebrew Bible.

When seen through the eyes of a child, Genesis 1 holds the key to some of humanity’s deepest spiritual lessons. What can be gained by considering the story behind the story of Creation? What may have led to the writing of Genesis 1? Will the phrase, “Let there be light,” take on new meaning as kids are encouraged to think about the colors in Creation? How did the image of the rainbow influence the writing of this ancient story? What can our present understanding of the visible spectrum of light teach us? Why did God ask humans to see the green plants as food? Did the ancient biblical writers understand a deep, spiritual secret about purple light that has been lost over time?

The following is an excerpt taken from the opening poem in the book Once Upon Unmeasured Time.


Once upon unmeasured time, no one had a clock.

No one had a calendar and no one had a watch.

Without a clock or calendar no one knew the time.

No one knew how old they were or when the sun would shine.

There were no clocks to tell them when to sleep or when to play.

There were no clocks to tell them when to eat or when to bathe.

People ate when they were hungry and played until they slept.

They bathed when they were dirty and lots of time was left.

They couldn’t be late for anything.

They couldn’t run out of time.

They never spent a minute of time they couldn’t find.

Every day had rhythm just as it had rhyme.

Yet no one knew the reason for no one measured time.

And the God of forever loved them.


Then one night the moon was bright and someone had a thought.

“If we watched the moon each night could we make a clock?”

Another asked, “A calendar?” And others said, “Why not!”

But no one knew the questions would make forever stop!