Three Life Lines for the Human Spirit

Hope for Tomorrow

I believe that the human spirit is powerful beyond measure

I believe humanity can and will correct the wrongs that harm our species and diminish our collective power

I believe hierarchical systems of inequality, injustice, and neglect will topple

I believe we will “close the portals” within our social structures that allow too many people to fall through cracks and never reach their fullest potential

I believe we are at a precipice in our collective spiritual maturity that will propel us forward to become the best versions of who we are created to be

I’m often asked, “In what ways do you think the future will be different from the present?” I like to answer the question by giving people the following image to consider: Humans will have a different type of clock in their heads, a symbolic key in their hearts, and a powerful net in their hands. Humanity’s spiritual future will require an unprecedented transfiguration of purpose and focus that impacts how we care for ourselves, our neighbors, and the earth on which we live. Change is often difficult. It usually happens over many generations. Yet, we should welcome change without fear or hesitation, thanking God for guiding the human spirit on our pilgrimage through time.

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