Every person is a designer of his or her own “soulprint.” A soulprint is an identifying theological perspective, which is unique to each individual. When we truly own our own theology, differing viewpoints shouldn’t threaten us. That which we own, cannot be stolen from us. However, the soulprint we have chosen for ourselves, should never be forced upon other souls, just as we wouldn’t want another person’s soulprint, forced on us.

Does this mean we must continue to separate ourselves, into like-minded groups of similar soulprints? Must we divide into camps of religious cultures, traditions, and rituals, in order to live in peace? No! The reality of owning our own soulprint, allows us to respect our neighbor’s soulprint. I think it’s called “loving our neighbor, as we love ourselves.” When we can master this type of love, we will surely know peace.

Yet, to own a unique soulprint requires self-examination. A soulprint is developed by asking a few questions:

“What do I really believe about God, Jesus, Spirit, the Bible, and other spiritual matters?”

“What is the purpose of life and death?”

“What do I believe about Creation?”

“Who is my neighbor, and what is the nature of the relationship between myself and my neighbor?”

“To whom do I feel accountable?”

“From where does my happiness, contentment, joy, or sense of internal peace originate?” 

“What type of legacy do I want to leave to the generations that will come after my time on earth?”

Do you own your own soulprint?