abstract stars croppedEvery person is a designer of his or her own “soulprint” – an identifying theological perspective that is unique to each individual. When we truly embrace our own theological perspective . . . differing theological perspectives should not threaten us, change us, or cause us to feel out of control. That which we own cannot be taken away from us. It is our unique “soulprint.”

However, the soulprint we have chosen for ourselves should never be forced upon other souls just as we wouldn’t want other soulprints to be forced on us.

Does this reality suggest that we must divide in order to live in peace? No! The reality suggests that we must respect our neighbor’s soulprint, as we respect our own. When we, as human beings, can master this type of love . . . we will surely know peace.

Thoughts along the way,

Carol Wimmer



Carol Wimmer is the author of the acclaimed poem When I say I am a Christian, and three books entitled: The Net—An Organizational Vision for the Church of Tomorrow; The Clock—A Timekeeping Tool for the Church of Tomorrow; and The Key—A Spiritual Language for the Church of Tomorrow